SPOC was the second old scholars team to enter the SAAFL after Prince Alfred O.C. It ranks fourth in seasons played in the SAAFL behind Adelaide Uni, Kenilworth and PAOC. It is the only old scholars team to win the A1 premiership (1935 & 2012). It has spent more years in A1 (30) than any other old scholars club. It has had more players (6) win an A1 medal than any other club other than Adelaide College and Adelaide University.

Our captain in the '30s, Bob Lee, along with old scholar Chris Sangster, captained the state in more years (4) than any other player in the SAAFL. Until 1999 it was the only old scholars club to have its first team placed no lower than A2. It has won more A2 premierships (6) than any other club In 1996 the SAAFL created the Premier and Amateur League divisions and the Club opted for the Amateur Division winning the A1 premiership.

During these record-breaking feats, Steve Brookman played 310 games between 1966 and 1989. Former captain Keith Sims was President of the SAAFL from 1967 to 1996.

Recently, SPOC A grade won the Division 1 Premiership (2012) and Division 2 Premiership (2011). In 2018, the A grade went undefeated in an historic Premiership season.

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